A Day After Yesterday – Fly With Me (Studio Acapella)
Boys Noize & Pilo – Cerebral (Studio Acapella)
Butane – Hey Hipster (Studio Acapella)
Disco Fries ft Command Sisters – Earthquake (Studio Acapella)
Gasch & Artua ft Mayte Rojo – Traces (Studio Acapella)
Joe Ghost & Jimmy Clash – Sledgehammer (Studio Acapella)
Joe Silva – Surrender (Perc-Appella)
Kaskade ft Ilsey – Disarm You (Studio Acapella)
King’s Justice – Fade (Studio Acapella)
Lucas Nord ft Tove Lo – Run On Love (DIY Acapella)
Ludomir – On The Beach (Studio Acapella)
MC Kryptomedic ft Midas – Another Day (Studio Acapella)
Meresha – New Revolution (Studio Acapella)
Mia Dora – Raw Kiss (Studio Acapella)
Nikasoul – Sexy And Funny (Studio Acapella)
Ryan Skyy ft Niki Darling – Done (Studio Acapella)
Thomas Gold ft Bright Lights – Believe (Studio Acapella)
We Are Leo – Epic (Studio Acapella)
We Are Leo – Fightback Soundtrack (Studio Acapella)
We Are Leo – Northern Lights (Studio Acapella)
We Are Leo – Phoenix (Studio Acapella)
We Are Leo – Yours4Sure (Studio Acapella)

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