Big Country – In A Big Country (Acapella)
Billy Idol – White Wedding (Acapella)
Billy Joel – My Life (Acapella)
Billy Squier – The Stroke (Acapella)
Bob Marley – Is This Love Backing Vox (Acapella)
Bob Marley – Is This Love Lead Vox (Acapella)
Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run (Acapella)
Ccr – Bad Moon Rising (Acapella)
Ccr – Proud Mary (Acapella)
Culture Club – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Acapella)
David Bowie – Lets Dance (Acapella)
Devo – Whip It (Acapella)
Duran Duran – Rio (Acapella)
Interpol – Obstacle1 (Acapella)
Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People (Acapella)
Metallica – The Unforgiven (Acapella)
Neil Sedaka – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Acapella)
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Acapella)
Otis Reddding – Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay (Acapella)
Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure (Acapella)
Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of (Acapella)
Rem – The One I Love (Acapella)
Rise Against – Ready To Fall (Acapella)
Styx – Mr Roboto (Acapella)
Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – All Summer Long (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – California Girls (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – Caroline, No (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – Dont Worry Baby Backing Vox (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – Dont Worry Baby Lead Vox (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – God Only Knows (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – Here Today (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – In My Room (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – Little Deuce Coupe (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – Sloop John B. (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – Sufer Girl (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – That’s Not Me (Acapella)
The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Acapella)
The Byrds – Turn Turn Turn (Acapella)
The Doors – Love Me Two Times (Acapella)
The Duprees – You Belong To Me (Acapella)
The Ronettes – Be My Baby (Acapella))
The Tokens – The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Acapella)
The Turtles – Happy Together (Acapella)
The Village People – Ymca (Acapella)
The Zombies – She’s Not There (Acapella)
The Zombies – Time Of The Season (Acapella)
Van Halen – Jamie’s Cryin’ (Acapella)
Van Halen – Panama (Acapella)
Van Halen – Runnin’ With The Devil (Acapella)